Product Lines


Flygt Submersible Pumps Solids Handling, Dewatering, Propeller, Chopper, & Grinder Pumps

RITZ Centrifugal, Wastewater, Vertical, Multi-Stage & Archimedes Screw Pumps

Victor Pumps Self Priming & Internal Gear Pumps

Calpeda Pumps Submersible Sewage, Drainage and Construction Pumps

DP Pumps Stainless Steel Vertical Multistage Pumps

Dragflow Pumps Heavy Duty Submersible Agitating Slurry Pumps

MSR-Dosiertechnik Pumps Non Electronic Chemical Dosing Pumps

Subteck Pumps Deep Well Submersible Pumps, SS Submersible Motors

Boerger Pumps Rotary lobe pumps, Maintenance in Place Design, Multicrusher pumps, Multichopper pumps    

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Electrical Controls Instrumentation

Flygt Control Panels All types of pump station controls, floats, bubblers, submersible transducer, PLCs, VFDs, MCCs

Motor Protection Electronics Design and manufacturer of industrial controls such as: Controllers, level monitors, alternators, phase monitors, intrinsically safe devices

ABB Variable Frequency Drives

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Wastewater Treatment

FlygtSubmersible Mixers, Air Mixing

USEMCO Above Ground Valve Vaults, Control Buildings, and Control Panel

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HDL Solids Handling Ball Check Valves

U.S. Foundry Wetwell Frames and Covers, HATCH NET Safety Systems

Syracuse CoversWetwell Frames and Covers, Safety Hatch, Safety Systems

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